Hi there!
I’m Jon (hold the “h”). I’ve recently graduated from Temple University, where I studied advertising and concentrated in copywriting.
Over the years I have spent my non-professional hours watching and working with film and video. Learning how to write, edit and shoot various forms from news stories and film scenes in college, to terrible sketches made when I was 12. When I’m not working on video or copy I spend time writing, recording, producing, and playing music. One of my bands has even had the honor of playing Musikfest, which out of context probably sounds like nothing, but trust me it’s a big deal where I come from! I also dabble in Illustrator and Photoshop from time to time.
Any other free time you can catch me walking my dog, eating anything with buffalo chicken in it, or trying to convince my friends that coconut water tastes good.
Talk to me about my creative and professional endeavors here:
Email: jonathan.neikam@gmail.com

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