This portfolio highlights some of my best video work

A mock product video created for Coca-Cola Energy. (filming, editing)

A mock product video created for Bud Light Holiday Seltzer. (filming, editing, sound design)

A mock product video created for General Mills Halloween-themed monster cereals. (filming, editing)
A mock product video created for Smartfood's latest limited popcorn flavor. (filming, editing)

This video is one of multiple commercials for guided tours I created in this format. Using existing assets, I was able to create short videos to promote shore excursions such as this visit to Angola Prison. (writing, editing)

I created this highlight reel to accompany a newborn photoshoot for the beautiful baby Stella. (filming, editing)

This ad was created for Nebula Creative Media. A group looking to provide stunning visuals at an affordable rate so every artist can make their vision a reality. (writing, filming, editing)
This wedding video was made for Alex and Kayla Duke at the beautiful Cobblestone Courtyard in York,PA. (filming, editing)
This wedding video was made for Devin and Calli Jepson. Edited by myself using Adobe Premiere. (editing - I would have filmed had I not been in the wedding party!)

This spec ad was made during my time at Temple University for the Marketing EDGE Collegiate ECHO Competition. The client, Collette Guided Tours was looking to target a new demographic- Gen X. I wrote, shot, and edited this sixty second spot (as well as a 15s version). Our team went on to win first place in the national competition and you can view our full final marketing proposal here.(writing, filming, editing)

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